Planning, Implementation,
Adherence to deadlines,
A progressive spirit, Personality
There aren't many people who can boast all of these qualities. Though we first met on Skype, that progressive spirit and warm personality strongly transcended our computer screens. I'm very much looking forward to lots of articles from South East Asia. NewsPicks Editor-in-Chief and
ex-Toyo Keizai Online Editor-in-Chief
Norihiko Sasaki

A unique perspective,
easy-to-understand writing,
footwork that flits between countries
Thank you for always informing Japanese readers of business and internet information and up-and-coming startups from the emerging South East Asian market in an understandable way and from a unique perspective. I'd love to learn how you manage to flit between all of these different countries so easily. CNET Japan Editor-in-Chief Ryo Fujii

Presenting new projects that combine trends
and media objectives in many forms
Livit have been working with our company owned web media “Cybozushiki” to advance our content planning. In addition to planning proposals, we have also been able to reliably leave them to provide all of the necessary content planning work such as material gathering and article writing. They've been great in implementing our new plan, which combines trends within the IT industry with a Cybozushiki media direction that focuses on creating “a site for a teams who bring innovation”, in many forms. Cybozushiki Editor-in-Chief Yoshimitsu Fujimura

Articles that ask exactly the right questions
and give a sense of real time
We've been interviewed twice with the founding of our company a theme. As someone who has been an entrepreneur for nearing 10 years now, I have so much that I want to tell the readers. As it's so hard to say everything that I want to concisely as a story, having everything posed as questions has allowed me to cover exactly what I wanted to. As the article also conveyed a sense of real-time, I feel that the readers might be able to feel as if they are a little more familiar with entrepreneurship now. Interviewee Entrepreneur Miku Hirano

Planning and producing written, photographic, and video content
from Singapore, and The Netherlands.

Planning and production of news site content

We turn stories happening around the world into information
that readers want to see, offering unique perspectives,
and bringing it to them in easy to understand formats such as
articles, images, and videos.

There's no other with their planning ability, writing ability and South East Asian focal point

There are few writers who are blessed with both the “ability to plan” and the “ability to write”. Combine those qualities with a South East Asian focal point and no other writers exist at all. Just how can the South East Asia of “today” be shown clearly to Japanese people? We continue to expect great things from their thorough news coverage.
Ex-NewsPicks Supervising Editor and ex-Toyo Keizai Online Supervising Editor Takahiro Itoh

Planning and production of companies' owned media

Livit deeply understand the wants of readers and use technology such as
social media to promote information that benefits your business.

“Planning” and “perspective” provided via carefully considered concepts

There are plenty of writers that we can turn to when we need coverage and article writing, but we need people who can consider our company's concept and suggest to use the most suitable plan and perspective that interviews and other coverage should be taken from. Because of that, Livit are valuable partners for us.
Engineer type Editor-in-Chief Kengo Ito

Content production and planning based on overseas information

We gather stories from Asia and around the world that we think today's Japanese people should hear.
Not only translators, we also write our own original content.

Well-selected themes and great writing

Livit have been writing our regular “Web campaigns to take notice of” articles at IT Media since December 2012. Though the focus of this series of articles is to introduce people to great web campaigns, I'm really impressed at their ability to always choose great themes and write great articles.
Ex-IT Media Marketing Editor-in-Chief Koji Yako

Entertaining anybody and everybody, whether in the industry, or not

Livit have been handling our regular “Site Haiken” articles at J-CAST Watch since February 2012. The theme of these articles is to introduce people to examples of web advertisements from progressive companies from both within Japan and abroad. They cover many issues that interest everyday readers as well as those already involved in the industry.
J-CAST News Editorial Department

Planning and production of a podcast show

We will effectively convey information with voices that appeal to the ears of
our listeners through the use of the “podcast” sound medium,
which is currently experiencing increases in user numbers across the globe,
and build a community around our show.
Not only translators, we also write our own original content.

Producing our very own hit show on Spotify

We currently run the “Global Insights” podcast on Spotify. The show has been streamed more than 100,000 times and has risen through the podcasts chart of Spotify Japan. We work with writers from around the world to bring our listeners all the latest trends in global business, culture, technology and lifestyle topics and introduce the modern values of the people driving these fields forward.

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Planning and production in over 25 platforms
of the owned media of prominent news sites and large corporations

Toyo Keizai Online

Livit write articles for Toyo Keizai Online, the web version of the Toyo Keizai News Corporation-owned magazine “Weekly Toyo Keizai”. In charge of the “Hot in South East Asia” series of articles that introduces the strategies, prospects, and key staff of companies expanding into Asia, Livit's work often appears on Yahoo! Topics.

Diamond Online

Livit write articles for “Diamond Online”, the web version of major domestic business magazine “Weekly Diamond”. Livit are in charge of the “Digilife NAVI” series of articles that introduce up-and-coming web services and digital gadgets, etc., and “New and Analytics” which considers domestic current affairs through interview exchanges with various experts.

Microsoft “MSN”

Livit are in charge of the localization of the English version of the Microsoft-managed portal site “MSN” for the Japanese market. Livit mainly handle content of hundreds and thousands of words long found in the travel, food & beverage, health & fitness, and weather forecast sections with a team of 20 translators and writers over a period of approximately 2 months. Not stopping at simply translating the articles into Japanese, they make use of their experience as copy writers and editors for web news sites to transform these articles into writings that Japanese users can also enjoy.

Sekisui Chemical Company “Smart House Lab”

From the concept design of the website to its actual design and development, construction of the editorial system, and even article writing and editing, Livit are in charge of everything for the Sekisui Chemical Company-owned “Smart House Lab”. In order to promote the concept of “Smart House” and strengthen product promotion, Livit regularly writes columns about solar power generation and residential use fuel cells.

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A team of editors and writers transcending
borders, language, and culture to incite curiosity

We produce content worldwide.

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Please feel free to contact us about content planning and production